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iFirst specializes in advanced diagnostics systems which leverage powerful smartphones, to provide lab quality results in the palm of your hand. iFirst’s Analyzer works with patented single use cartridges constructed using innovative BioMEMS and microfluidics.  Although iFirst’s products are starting in the hospital setting, iFirst will expand into ambulances, helicopters, outpatient centers and at-home applications.  iFirst’s expansion doesn’t stop on Earth.  Having been recognized by NASA as a “Breakthrough” medical technology, we will have a place in the future of space exploration, keeping astronauts healthy.

iFirst iVT8 Analyzer

The iVT8 is a diagnostic platform which is built around the latest iPhone SE (2022).  Weighing only one pound, the iVT8 provides diagnostic results anywhere quickly, with 5G connectivity. The iVT8 has performed in a multitude of environments, including at home use and in the back of an ambulance en route to the hospital.  The iVT8 can perform a large quantity of optically based assays including the detection of various antibodies or antigens.  The first series of iFirst assays will be viscoelastic hemostatic assays (VHAs), which provide a coagulation profile representing coagulation over time.  The iVT8 is CE marked indicating the product can be sold  freely in any part of the European Economic Area.

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iFirst cartridges

The iVT8 is a very versatile platform which can perform a wide range of optical based assays.  The initial cartridge to be commercialized is a viscoelastic hemostatic assay, which can provide clinicians with critical test results in minutes, using only a few drops of blood.  Viscoelastic tests have a wide range of applications and is helpful in any clinical setting where blood loss needs to be evaluated.  Likewise, it’s useful in cases where a patient's blood may need testing to determine the need for anticoagulants or antidotes for anticoagulants.  The iVT8 NA cartridge is CE marked indicating the product can be sold  freely in any part of the European Economic Area.  iFirst will also be seeking regulatory clearance in Australia and Singapore, early this year.   iFirst will also add other viscoelastic cartridges later this year to meet needs in a variety of applications.

iFirst Med Tech cartridge.png

iFirst Data Connect Cloud

With 5G connectivity all iFirst test data can be instantly shared using our Data Connect Cloud.  All parameters and coagulation traces are available for review using easy to use web interfaces.  Likewise, patient demographic information can be included to assist in research analytics.  With WiFi, 5G and fax capability the iVT8 can also integrate with electronic health records and laboratory information systems. 


iFirst Tele-Expert

The iVT8 has the unique capability to connect new users to a Tele-Expert to assist in operating the analyzer and interpreting parameters.  Likewise, our experts can provide insight to help users better understand how the test results apply to their use case.

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